The Dangers of Your Window Air Conditioner

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The Dangers of Your Window Air Conditioner

You only have to experience one summer in the desert to know what hot really is and Santa Fe, for all of its beauty, is prone to scorching desert summer temperatures. To keep cool during the summer air conditioning is a must. Many people opt for simple window units rather than spending more money on a central air unit. And while this may be a cheaper fix, window AC units have many dangers their users aren’t always aware of.

For starters, in order to use a window unit, a window must be available but the main problem here is with efficiency. Unlike central air, which can have multiple vents into multiple rooms, window units are static and can only cool one location. This is not the most ideal configuration to cool a house. Get supreme air conditioning installation in Santa Fe, NM, for your healthy environment.

Window AC units can also negatively affect your health. Window units draw heat and humidity out of a room, which leaves the air dry. Dry air can dry out the membranes of the nose, leaving the user more susceptible to allergens and even respiratory infections. Also, if the filters aren’t changed frequently, this can add to the problems since allergens will be blown around the room. Add to this the fact that many window unit outer seals crack easily causing more allergens and pollutants to circulate indoors.

With window AC units, mold is also a very common concern. It is easier for mold to develop inside window units which will allow mold spores to be blown around the house and affect the health of everyone.

moldsporesAside from health concerns associated with window AC units is the environmental impact they have. All air conditioning uses refrigerant to produce cool air. These refrigerants are bad for the environment in total, but they more commonly leak from window AC units than central air units. Chlorofluorocarbon and hydrochlorofluorocarbon, if leaked, are known to damage the ozone layer. Window units are less secure than central air systems and more prone to refrigerant leaks and cause more harm to the environment.

If you are in need of a new AC replacement in Santa Fe, NM, before you spend money on a less secure window unit, give your local HVAC Santa Fe specialist a call. They can help you find the right system for your needs.

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