Saving Energy

filter and duct cleaning

Saving Energy

Saving energy is a big part of maintaining your appliances.

This client was not only overdue for a heating and air conditioning filter change, they were potentially damaging their appliance. Clogged filters can be caused your equipment to work. Their appliance was having to work 80% harder to filter their air. Get supreme AC service in Santa Fe, NM, at a reasonable price.

Allergy Relief

Duct Cleaning Santa FEThis special allergy relief filter could not come close to doing its’ job. It was beyond effectiveness in protection. You can see the dust and lint. What you can’t see is pollen, bacteria, virus carriers, dust mite debris, and mold.

Our client had us clean their ducts. This was long overdue. The ducts had not been cleaned for at least 15 years. This can become a real health issue.

Pet owners can really take advantage of duct and filter cleaning. Especially if there are issues with allergies in the household. Pets have allergy-causing dander. They also don’t get shampooed as often as their human caretakers they can collect and distribute pollen too.
A typical duct cleaning takes approximately 1-2 hours for up to 9 ducts. We offer AC repair in Santa Fe, NM to encourage people to stay healthy and save energy:

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