Air Conditioner or Portable Air Conditioner?

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Air Conditioner or Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable Air Conditioner

air-conditioner-infographicMost people welcome the summer warmth as a symbol of longer days, barbeques, and general joyfulness, however, there is also a downside to the blazing sunshine — the heat. As the weather heats up, so too does the home. It’s good to be outside enjoying the sunny weather, but the inside of a person’s home should be a place to cool down and relax. The dry, hot summers of Santa Fe can be brutal to the inside of a house. So how can a home stay cool when it’s so hot outside?

Easy Install

A quick answer is air conditioning; but what kind? Many home and condo owners may opt for portable air conditioning units; after all, they can move from room to room. Another option is to install a wall or window unit. As with portable AC, these are inexpensive and also somewhat easy air conditioning installation in Santa Fe, NM.

Lack of Efficiency

The major downside to these options is the lack of efficiency. A portable AC unit is nice, but it has to be moved from room to room in order to provide relief from the heat. In a family situation, this can be unfortunate since it can’t follow every person to every location. Portable units also have the downside of blowing hot air along with warm air which makes the unit work even harder to cool down a room.

Window Units

As for the window units, while they are more powerful than a portable unit, they are also loud. They may cool a single location efficiently but are not ideal for multiple people unless they plan on living in one room.

Ductless Wall Units

Ductless wall units are very efficient, very quiet and a great option for those who do not have heating ducts or those interested in just having cooling in a few rooms.

Air Conditioning

A good solution for a homeowner with existing air ducts is to switch to a central air conditioning system. With a qualified AC replacement in Santa Fe, NM, and a visit to the home, an estimate can be written up to show the homeowner the costs and benefits of installing central air. If the home already has central heating then the cost will be less since the same duct work can be used for the AC. The initial cost for central AC may seem steep, but by doing some homework, a homeowner can find a system that will work for them and qualify for any energy efficiency rebates.

By switching from portable AC to ductless or central air not only will homeowners be able to survive the hot Santa Fe summers, but they will be able to do it efficiently.

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